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Released: December 2004
Category: Raytracer
Platform: Linux/KDE
Language: C++
Calypso is an attempt to produce a photorealistic raytracer with the C++ programming language using the Qt toolkit and the KDE libraries for a modern user interface. Calypso is written by Sami Kyöstilä and Joonas Kerttula. It is a C++/Qt/KDE-based photorealistic raytracer. Note that Calypso is no longer actively maintained. The software is licensed under the GNU GPL.


Here's an incomplete list of features that are already implemented.
  • Recursive raytracing.
  • KDE user interface.
  • Class model for generic scenes and objects.
  • Recursive transformations.
  • Pervasive multi-threading. [currently disabled]
  • Distributed network rendering. [currently broken]
  • Extensive XML format for storing scenes.
  • Stochastic ray reflection and refraction.
  • Texture mapping and filtering.
  • Caustics.
  • Adaptive supersampling.
  • Accelerated rendering using BSP-trees, barycentrics, KD-trees, etc.
  • Pluggable shader framework and the following shaders:
    • ambient lighting
    • phong illumination (direct)
    • photon map illumination (indirect)
  • Support for the following primitives:
    • sphere
    • plane
    • mesh (from a 3D Studio© file via lib3ds)

Task list

  • Fresnel reflection.
  • Volumetric rendering.
  • Irradiance approximation and caching.
  • DCOP-interface.
  • New network rendering framework (XML-RPC?).
  • Constructive solid geometry (boolean objects)
  • Image-based lighting


  • Network rendering borked temporarily.

You can download the Calypso source code below.

In order to compile the raytracer, you should have a working Qt/KDE build environment. If you want to have support for loading 3DS-meshes, you also need lib3ds version 1.1.0 or newer.

Please note that these packages are all development versions. The packages include project files for the KDevelop IDE.


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